5 Resident Couples Renew Wedding Vows.

wedding room 800x415Couples renewing wedding vows are a favorite celebration among the Esplanade at Palisades community. One such event featured 5 resident couples with a collective 362 years of married life. Anticipating an exciting day and a crowd of well-wishers, residents and staff prepared for the big event.

While the room was decorated for the happy ceremony and reception, the brides worked on their makeup and chatted about their grooms.

wedding makeup 800x416

When all was ready, Mr. and Mrs. Albright, Ivers, Kramer, Messinger, and Schneider took their turns going down the aisle again to pledge themselves again in marriage. The years were swept away as blushing brides and nervous grooms met again as newlyweds while generations of family and friends looked on.

The story was carried locally with original wedding photos of the happy couples.

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