Promoting and preserving quality of life

Esplanade Wellness

Feel your best with a range of wellness-related features and services:

  • Wellness center with private examination rooms, therapy center, and activity rooms
  • Full-time licensed social worker
  • Visiting private medical and therapy professionals
  • Private car transportation to off-site doctors
  • Licensed home health care agency services on-site

Wellness awareness is part of everything we do. Making sure you have access to professional care is only one part of the wellness picture. Esplanade at Palisades strives to promote senior wellness so residents enjoy life.

The Esplanade Experience includes a big emphasis on senior wellness, as you might expect. One of the main features of our wellness policy is the familiarity of staff and residents. When you live here, we know you and look for you. If you don’t come to a meal, we’ll look for you and see if things are going well. When we greet you, we hope to see you feeling as well as always, but we tend to notice if things are amiss.

Being with people who know you and are looking forward to seeing you at meals and your usual activities can provide an extra layer of wellness support. Just being with others, getting out, doing what you love – can all contribute to wellness and contentment. Join the community of seniors, family, and staff that cares about you.

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