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We traveled along the Hackensack River on the NJSEA (New Jersey Sports & Expo Authority) Pontoon Boat, with Captain Angelo and Captain Jeff. This was our second trip on the Pontoon, traveling, this year north along the Hackensack River.

The Hackensack River is 60 miles long, and begins at Lake Lucille in New York State and ends in Newark Bay, where it meets the Hackensack River. The water is brackish, meaning fresh and salt water from the Atlantic meeting with non- salt water of the River.

group seated on shore
We were very surprised to learn that broadcasting stations actually use the brackish water to transmit their signal. They use 50’ copper coils buried deep in the Hackensack River, that allow for a stronger signal.

We welcome company on many of our monthly excursions. Get in touch for more information about upcoming trips.

pontoon on river
There are several species of fish, catfish, eel, perch, and crabs that live in the Hackensack River. However, none of them are edible. The marshes are formed by grasses in the phragmite family, and are home to many species of wildlife including diamond back terrapins that each have unique marking patterns – no two look alike! The area is also home to beavers, and garter snakes that can grow up to 30” in length.
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