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Meet the Neighbors at Esplanade

Enjoy meeting people to share experiences. Savor the surrounding natural beauty. Take some time for reading and hobbies. Join the regulars for crafts, games, lectures and other activities. Having nice neighbors who care can make it more fun to get out and about in the community and on trips.

Family and Friends

Your family and friends, old and new, fit into your lifestyle comfortably at Esplanade at Palisades. Convenient location and easy access make visits less fuss and more fun. Continuous communication between you, your family, and our staff make it easier for you to begin and continue enjoying the luxury senior lifestyle experience.

Having the people you love around you enhances your experience. Keeping family ties strong supports your independence. Forming new relationships and staying connected helps you stay vibrant and engaged.

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The Owners

Susan Scharf Diamond and her husband, Dr. David Diamond, created The Esplanade at Palisades with a specific vision in mind. They wanted to provide a beautiful home-like atmosphere for their residents with every possible amenity to allow seniors to age in a place with dignity and comfort.

Susan Diamond is the third generation of her family to continue in their outstanding tradition of providing comprehensive and quality care to seniors. She and her husband David, a renowned physician, have built The Esplanade at Palisades in the hopes of setting the highest standard in senior living in Palisades, NY. Their personal involvement and hands on approach imbue The Esplanade at Palisades with a warm and welcoming environment.

Their philosophy focuses on the importance of taking a positive approach to senior living. “By taking away the stress of household management, combined with a bright and social atmosphere, we feel we have eased the aging process for so many seniors,” states Mrs. Diamond. She also says, “With our emphasis on wellness, a full recreation program, and many other amenities, seniors are able to continue building a full life into their later years.”

Our Staff

We take extreme care recruiting, selecting, and training people who will work with us to make The Esplanade at Palisades an exemplary senior community in every way. Visiting us to meet residents and staff is the only way to really understand the truly special relationship between us. We know it all starts with the people, and we carry it through every moment of every day here.

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Here for You

Staff members and residents have formed a community based on mutual trust and respect. The Esplanade at Palisades lifestyle is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that our residents enjoy to the fullest.

Our Staff

Owners – Susan Scharf Diamond & Dr. David Diamond

General Manager – Marvin Ammer
Director of Marketing – Rosemarie Gutierrez
Social Work – Lynn Kerrigan LMSW
Director of Recreation – Karen Roth
Director of Housekeeping – Elizabeth Trubiroha
Bookkeeper- Millie Mollabeqiri
Superintendent – Carlos Aponte

The Scharf family has been among the most trusted names in senior care for over fifty years, and have set the standard for other communities to follow.

The dedicated management, professional, and support staff enjoy providing residents with a superior experience, and residents are pleased to be surrounded by a caring community.

Experts trained in the disciplines relevant to quality senior living, health, and related issues work together to meet the needs of residents, families, and friends. Policies and procedures are reviewed and refined to bring en ever-improving level of dignified care and support to the community. Everyone involved understands and believes in the mission of helping aging residents achieve maximum health and quality of life.

Long-term professional staff. Family-owned luxury senior living. Enjoy an independent lifestyle with the help of caring staff.

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