Consider These 7 Points

Esplanade at Palisades

Stay in Place


What if something happens?
  • All apartments are equipped with emergency call system, staff is available and ready 24/7.
  • Unable to call for help in an emergency situation.


Who is in control?
  • Helpful staff ready to accommodate and assist with your personal preferences and choices.
  • Often well meaning family members or others make the decisions limiting independence.

Physical Activity

Active enough?
  • Healthy living in an environment offering enjoyable exercise classes with certified instructors. Beautiful grounds for invigorating walks.
  • Lack of access to professionals or facilities leads to lethargy and fewer opportunities for movement.

Social Life

Who do you hang out with?
  • Built in opportunities to form strong bonds with peers and friends. Events and activities to enjoy companionship.
  • Feelings of loneliness and seclusion.

Getting Around

Going places?
  • Private transportation to appointments and outings.
  • Need to plan appointments and errands based on availability of friends and family or rely on public transportation.

Food and Dining

What’s cooking?
  • Dine with friends in our beautifully appointed dining room on gourmet meals served restaurant style.
  • Need to cope with the logistics of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Eating alone can decrease appetite and lower spirits.


Everything ship shape?
  • All included Professional cleaning, laundry and linen service. Full maintenance staff with special attention to living spaces of seniors.
  • Difficulty with chores and home maintenance. Burdensome and costly upkeep.