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Move or Stay?

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Move or Remain?

Esplanade at Palisades

Remain In Place


What if something happens?

All apartments are equipped with emergency call system, staff is available and ready 24/7.

Unable to call for help in an emergency situation.


Who is in control?

Helpful staff ready to accommodate and assist with your personal preferences and choices.

Often well-meaning family members or others make decisions, limiting independence.

Physical Activity

Active enough?

Healthy living in an environment offering enjoyable exercise classes with certified instructors. Beautiful grounds for invigorating walks.

Lack of access to professionals or facilities leads to lethargy and fewer opportunities for movement.

Social Life

Who is with you?

Built in opportunities to form strong bonds with peers and friends. Events and activities to enjoy companionship.

Feelings of loneliness and seclusion.

Getting Around

Going places?

Private transportation to appointments and outings.

Need to plan appointments and errands based on availability of friends and family or rely on public transportation.

Food and Dining

What’s cooking?

Dine with friends in our beautifully appointed dining room on gourmet meals served restaurant style.

Need to cope with the logistics of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Eating alone can decrease appetite and lower spirits.


Everything ship shape?

All included Professional cleaning, laundry and linen service. Full maintenance staff with special attention to living spaces of seniors.

Difficulty with chores and home maintenance. Burdensome and costly upkeep.


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Holidays and Occasions at Esplanade

Holidays and Occasions at Esplanade

There’s always that warm, fuzzy, feeling, and a surge of excitement at the thought of holidays and special occasions. After all, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to. Here at Esplanade, we’re always down for a good party and celebration with our...

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Summertime Fun at Esplanade

Summertime Fun at Esplanade

The sun is out, and so is the fun! Bring out those sunshades and some ice-cold drink as you bask in some fun under the sun. There are tons of summer fun activities that can be done during this sunny time of the year, even for our dear senior residents! Let’s take a...

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Stress Management and Relief at Esplanade

Stress Management and Relief at Esplanade

Here at Esplanade, we are actively taking part in promoting overall health and wellness for our residents. We understand that senior age is one of the most delicate periods in a person’s life stage. Our establishment has been created with the main purpose of providing...

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