Stress Management and Relief at Esplanade

Here at Esplanade, we are actively taking part in promoting overall health and wellness for our residents. We understand that senior age is one of the most delicate periods in a person’s life stage. Our establishment has been created with the main purpose of providing a comfortable and recreational sanctuary for seniors who want to live independently.

Having said that, we invite you to take a closer look at some of the programs we have come up with to give the best emotional and physical support for our dear senior residents.

A set of calming music for stress-relief

Music has the power to speak in multiple languages that touches the heart, and we take advantage of this by creating a playlist of calming music to soothe and calm our residents. We play it on a daily basis in our living room, where they can lounge and rest!

Weekly yoga and exercise activities

To maintain their physical health, our services include weekly yoga and senior-friendly exercise activities! We have a gym equipped with simple machines and weights where they can stretch their muscles and bones. At their age, movement is still encouraged for them so as to prevent their muscles from becoming stiff and stagnant.

Animal visitors for stress-relief

We have found another FUR-RY effective way to relieve stress for our residents. Although whether they have furs or none, these friendly animals have become a therapeutic source of comfort for our senior residents. They feel extreme joy and satisfaction as they are given the chance to feed, bathe, and pet them for the day. Some of their new animal friends include dogs, goats, and a chubby pig!

Unleashing their creative energy through arts and crafts classes

Similar to music, arts and crafts are proved to be beneficial for one’s well-being as well. The release of creative energy is a powerful way to express what we feel when words can’t seem to say it for us. Our arts and crafts classes are available every day for our residents to enjoy!

Esplanade in New York City: Where senior wellness is taken care of

Here at Esplanade, we are more than just providing a recreational and lifestyle for our residents. We practice a holistic approach where both their physical and emotional well-being are also taken into account as they are fundamental. We commit ourselves to continue making an effort by creating various programs that will make our senior residents’ stay with us worth the while.

To know more about our services and programs, schedule a book tour now and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.