Summertime Fun at Esplanade

The sun is out, and so is the fun! Bring out those sunshades and some ice-cold drink as you bask in some fun under the sun. There are tons of summer fun activities that can be done during this sunny time of the year, even for our dear senior residents!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights of our summer activities that are sure to perk up your day!

Beating the summer heat with frozen treats and fruits

We want our residents to be able to enjoy themselves without having to feel the guilt of doing something that may be detrimental to their health. Given their age, it’s understandable that they have certain health conditions and diet restrictions they need to follow in order to ensure their overall health and wellness. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that they still get to have the best of both worlds of having fun under the sun and staying healthy with our frozen treats and fruits! What better way to quench the summer heat with some delightful, healthy sweet treats, right?

Senior-friendly outdoor games

It wouldn’t really be summer without the outdoor games. They may have aged over time, but our senior residents do not fall behind when it comes to stretching their muscles and bones. When the sun is not too hot outside, we have some outdoor games for enjoyment for our residents to partake in. This is meant to keep them active and engaged among their peers.

Recreational walks

The summer season is the perfect time to appreciate the surroundings of the facility. Taking a walk pretty much hits two birds with one stone; it makes a great workout activity as part of staying fit and healthy, and at the same time, it can also be a leisurely activity. Our recreation team has created an itinerary that will surely be enjoyable and tailor-made to the interests and needs of our residents.

Staying hydrated in the midst of summer 

At Esplanade, we make sure that our residents are safe and healthy while living their best life. As the summer heat can be scorching hot, we always remind our seniors to stay hydrated at all times. Refreshments are available at their convenience.

Esplanade: The Senior Living Community For You in New York City

At Esplanade, we are building a new community dedicated to older adults where they can exercise their independence and create a recreational, fulfilling lifestyle among same-aged peers. We are always happy to welcome new additions to the community! We plan everything to the last detail – from the various recreational activities for them to enjoy down to the planning of wholesome dining menus where they can eat to their heart’s content. Book a tour now and learn more about our services and amenities.